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Sharing for Christ

All of the items in the picture were free offers except the food. I take advantage of free offers from different companies online giving away free samples of products. I have put together gallon size zipbloc bags that I keep in my car to give to the homeless when I see them. (I live 5 minutes from downtown of a BIG city!) I always felt awful just driving by them, but then one day I noticed all these freebies could be put together and I could give them away! Now imagine the joy on the faces of the men and women when I reach out of my car and hand them a bag of goodies, it is something you will never be able to describe. It is like seeing the face of God! I may not be able to give money but I am able to give these products.

Anyhow, I put the following items in the bags:

1. bar of soap
2. lotion

3. shampoo/conditioner

4. toothpaste/toothbrush

5. 3-4 snack foods (pretzals, chips, energy bar, etc.)

6. sometimes a pocket bible

7. a notecard with information about local shelters and food pantries/soup kitchens

8. deodorant

The freebies I do not use for the bags I take with me to the food pantry. The cat food was a BIG hit at the pantry I volunteer at! Same with the pads!

So this is a brag to show you an unusual way to receive freebies. They do not have to come from the store. But whatever the source of your awesome deals (free, mm’s, or not) consider making bags like the one above. Consider the smiles and shock of the stranger you will be helping! It’s amazing! It’s a blessing in disguise!

Never miss a coupon, deal or freebie again!

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