Just got all of this a walmart for just over 25 Dollars! Used the 2.00 off Colgate coupon making them ONLY .47 cents a box. The 3.00 off BIC razor making them FREE. The buy one get one free coupon making the deodorant 1.25 each. The Buy one get one free dog food making them only 3.80 a bag. And lastly a .50 cents of bounty coupon making the paper Towles .47 cents a roll. This was my first time couponing! My orginal total was 57 dollars and I got it down to 26 dollars


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3 thoughts on “FRIST TIME COUPONING! SAVED OVER 50% at Walmart!”

Where did you get 50 cents off bounty?


Coupons.com a week ago , don’t know if it’s still available though


It is also in the back of the procter and gamble coupon book from last week — on the very last page.