When to walmart trying to get the gain sheets but there were none😂so i took these 3
I was worry because this softerner is not on the coupon picture
But i took a chance
$2.97 each


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2 thoughts on “Gain 64 oz fabric softener for $1.51 at Walmart”

I bought the 3 gain dryer sheets and handed all my coupons one by one to cashier so I can make sure all of them scan and I got distracted talking to someone and when I got to car and looked at receipt the $5 coupon didn’t scan for some reason so I went back in and asked manager to get my coupon for me so I could have it back and wouldn’t you know, the coupon is mysteriously not there. Anyways I have 4 more but I’m using those Saturday at dollar store and plan on purchasing 12 boxes of sheets and one tide pod and using the store coupon for $5 off, after that coupon and my five, total should be around 1.50!


🤑Ithe same happen to me. And I found that softener. And bought yesterday. Use de 5,00.
Today I found the gain sheets but didn’t have the coupon with me. 😤