(6) gain fabric softener $2.97 each
(2) $5 off gain mq coupons
(3) gain flings $4.47 each
(1) tide pods $4.47 each
(4) $2 off gain flings & tide pods mq coupons
Total $35.70 before tax
Oop $17.70 before tax


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2 thoughts on “Gain at Walmart”

Where did you get the $5 off gain coupon?


I had those coupon at the end of last month. It was a P&G insert I believe, but they expired on 6/11. So I went to Dollar tree and got 3 small Gain bottle for free instead. Their also was a $2 off 1 Gain in that same ad. Had 22 of each so after a few transactions got 88 small 10oz bottles of Gain free