Dollar general: gain 60 ct dryer sheets .50 cents

Buy 9 60 ct @ $3
Use 5 off 25 dg coupon ( it’s actually taking 7.50 off )
Use 3 $5/3 gain June pg

Total $4.50


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4 thoughts on “Gain dryer sheets . 50 today only at Dollar General!”

where do you get the $5 off coupon?


Same here! I got 15 boxes and had no idea how but they paid me 14.91 to take them out of the store?! Crazy…although I think some rang up $1 instead of $2 but the math still didn’t add up.


I had this same thing happen to me today, only my total was ending up in the negatives ($-5.43) so the cashiers kept hassling me saying they couldn’t give overage back (which I knew) but I didn’t know how else to fix it? The registers must have been doing something weird because I only had it happen to me with the gain coupons.


Last weekend and this past Saturday I bought a total of 144 boxes (6 stores each Saturday) and each time total was in the negative and I swiped my card and it added money to my debit card. Even though I told them I should only have to pay taxes, they didn’t know what else to do or how to fix it so I swiped my card and got paid each time. Same thing happened a couple months ago when the gain coupons came out in that issue of P&G.