My target currently has a promo going on where you can buy 3 glade products, get a 4th free! I took advantage of this offer twice.
1st trip
-2 small candles
-1 air spray
-1 wax melts
Used cartwheel, 15% off fall scents
Used 3 manufacturers coupons ($3.00)
Used ibotta offers for ($1.50)
With free product total was $4.62

Trip 2
-1 small candle
-1 wax melts
-1 double oil scent refill
-1 warmer (no scent included)
Used cartwheel, 15% off fall scents
Used 2 manufacturers coupon ($2.50)
Used ibotta offers for ($3.75) ( I was able to resubmit my prior offer too)
With free product total was $6.73

8 products total with all coupons and cartwheel…..$11.35 (my coupons came in an insert sent w a family living magazine)

Ibotta offer, submit 5, earn an extra $1

Grand total with Ibotta offers submitted: $6.85 or $.85 each!!!


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2 thoughts on “Glade at Target!”

How do you claim more than 1 of an item in Ibotta? I bought 5 of the glade candles but could not figure out how to claim more than 1. Messaged Ibotta 5 days ago and still have not heard back. So I’m out $2 plus $1 bonus!


You have to do separate transactions to claim more then one, on anything. Usually, they will reappear after a few days if the promo is still going on; however, you can only earn the bonus once, I believe. Also, in order to get the bonus, you cannot claim the same item. It must be 5 different items that are shown on the bonus icon. Hope this helps!