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Good deal for my potty trainer


I needed to buy pull-ups but I always like to get a little more for my money.
I had to do 4 transactions total, and I did this two different days.
Trans #1-3
Kotex Tampons $3.99
Used $1 MQ

Paid $3.34 (tax included) and got back $3 RR’s
I did this 3 times, two different stores.

Transaction #4
3 Pull Ups on sale $8.99
Used 1 $2 in store Q
and 3- $2 MQ’s
$4.99 each

Also bought 3 Nestle Crunch bars (daughter and I ate one, that’s why its not in the pic) for fillers $.49 each

Used my 3-$3 RR’s too
OOP with Tax $9.81

So total OOP: $19.83

When I usually would spend $12 plus tax on just one bag of pullups!

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