(Tops is a PA store, not sure how far out they go)

Got 2 boxes pf the scott wips
Regularly priced at $1.97
-$1/1 coupon
(Not pictured) 28lb Fresh step kitty litter was $10.98,
-$2/1 coupon

Paid $9.98 for both because my moms Walmart staff card gave us $1.48 off 😉


Pantene was on sale for 3/$10
Got 6 bottles, Used 2 of the $5/3 coupon, also the conditioners came with small bottles of pantene expert shampoo and the shampoo came with small hair spray bottles! The peanut butter was on sale for 2/$4, they are $2.44 at Walmart plus I get gas points here, so I picked up 6.

-Teen couponer 😉


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One thought on “Good deals at Tops”

Wait what. I went to Walmart yesterday and made the same purchase with the Pantene shampoo, only mine didn’t came with the hairspray bottles. 💩
Good for you tho. 😀