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Good Things Come…


I went shopping at Target in hopes of finding the deep discount Baby Coppertone, to no availe, and as I was driving back home, my hands seemed to turn the wheel towards CVS, completely of their own voliton I’m certain (we all know how that is, don’t we?).
I walked in, examined the isles and was excited to see that Little Remedies was 75% off and that there were some little treasures in the back clearance isle that would be perfect to give to my daughter for her Birthday. I headed towards the checkout and as if there was a halo sitting over them, I saw two packages of the older style clearance diapers on the counter. I inquired as to whether they had just been returned and was thrilled to hear that was the case. I had recently given a few that I had bought to a friend who had endured some emotional and financial challenges, but was also wistful to have more for when we might have another.

Here’s how that all broke down…

Lip Lemon Balm- X2- Clearance $.30 (Originally $2.99)
Feather Hair- X2-Clearance $.30 ($2.99)
Vitamen Chapstick- Clearance $.30 ($2.99)
Colgate Mxfr Toothbrush- Clearance $1.87 ($7.48)
CVS Diapers-X2- Clearance $2.22 ($8.89)
Little Colds- X3- Clearance $1.59 ($6.29)

3 MF Q for $1 off Little Remedies
$3 off ECB

Total OOP $7.46
Total before Clearance and coupons: $37.61

Got $3 in ECB back one for Green tag and $2 for the clearanced Colgate. I was so excited that the clearance Colgate also gotthe $2 ECB, went back bought 3 more (2 for each card, my husband was with me). Used my $3 ECB and paid for the remainder and got back $6 in ECB!!!

Moneymaker for the addional toothbrushes.

Hit another CVS and got toothpaste packs,

Crest Variety Pack- Clearanced $1.24 ($4.89) x2

2 ($.75 off MQ) Total: $1.15 with tax.

Excited to see if I can find some of the clearanced items in the oral hygiene section that were already bought out. It certainly wasn’t 100% savings, but it definitely a fun surprise ;)!

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