I got 4 butt paste
A huge thing of lotion
Hand and face wipes

Used 4 $3/1 coupons for the butt paste
And $1.50/2 Johnson and Johnson
PLUS cartwheel 15% off butt paste

All for 11.38!!! I am a new mom and this makes me very happy!


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2 thoughts on “Got My Baby Shopping On at Target!”

Love this! I am due with my first baby in November and i’ve been stocking up on all the baby essentials!


Where did you get $3 off Butt paste coupon?


Happy for you too. 4 tubes of paste will probably last for that first year, then potty train, when you sense you are both ready (warmer, summer temps) and then you’ll see the savings for not having to buy all the stuff. Then you’ll be looking into toilet paper coupons and deals.
Have fun.