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Great clearance finds at Walgreens!


So i went into my local Walgreens tonight and the manager informed me that he was about to do a huge markdown on the grocery aisle and was marking down lots of things for 75% off! This is some of the stuff i found:

Kelloggs & General Mills cereals $1.19
Barilla Pasta $0.39
Campbells soup $0.79
Maxwell house coffee $3.00
Pop Tarts $0.99
Nature Valley granola bars $0.99
Jif peanut butter $1.19
Knorr & El Paso rice $0.50

I used some $1/2 coupons for the cereals, $1/3 coupon for the Pop tarts, $.25/1 for the rice, $1/2 for the Barilla pasta, $1/1 for the Campbells soups, $.50/2 for the granola bars, $1/1 for the Jif, no coupons for the coffee but i thought $3.00 was a great price!

Regular Price for all of this would have been around $104.00 and all i paid after coupons was $12.04! I was very excited about this trip :)

There was plently of items left and the manager thanked me for taking some off his hands so he wouldn’t have to move it to the clearance section :P

Never miss a coupon, deal or freebie again!

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