This was my 3rd trip to CVS this week! 6 Pantene (3 Sham/3 cond) 2 venus razors and 2 crest pro health. I used 15 previous xtrabucks (2) $2 of 3 pantene from the red box, $2 of 2 toothpaste from the red box,on top of a 30% off your purchase. MFG coupons (2) $5 of 3 pantene, (2) $3 off a venus razor and (2) $2 off crest pro health for a super grand total of $5.28. I got $18EBC’s back and submitted 2 Ibottas.


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3 thoughts on “Great Deals! 8.5.16 at CVS”

Why i dont have any of those coupons in coupon center??


I’m not sure. I was an avid couponer for about a year and then took a break for another year maybe the red box is just enticing me to continue my crazy couponing skills. Keep trying and good luck.