Bought Animals crackers for 1 dollar and used a $0.55 cent off coupon
Sesame Street nourishing balm on clearance for $2.96 and used a dollar off coupon from their website
Got an UP&UP glue stick and pencil sharpener, used 5% off Cartwheel getting them for $0.44 and 0.47 cents each
Got a Panada bear wash mitt for $1.98
Bought 2 Trident packs of gum. Originally $2.37 I used a dollar off Target coupon and then 50% off Cartwheel getting them for $0.68 cents each
Bought 1 Crest Pro-Health HD 2 step system. Used a 2 dollar off coupon, received the 5 dollar coupon and submitted it to Checkout51 for 3 dollars back!!
Found some clothing on clearance. Men’s Hane shirt for $2.08, a Newborn Minnie Mouse shirt for $3.15 and a boys shirt for $2.38
Before coupons my total was 40 bucks paid $25.50 and saved 12.04


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One thought on “Great Finds at Target”

How did you use a coupon and the Checkout 51 offer on the Crest toothpaste set? I got declined for Checkout 51 because the offer specifically states that you cannot use it with a coupon.