My last big haul for a while since I start school next week and have to deal with a 6 month old and getting ready to move on top of that!!
Total before savings, rebates, gift cards,etc was $144.09. I paid $85.53. That includes a new movie on blue ray I bought my husband using my leftover giftcards from my last transaction since he was so patient with my coupon kraziness the last few weeks 🙂
Still had a 41% savings which isn’t bad to me since I had diapers, baby food, dvd, and groceries. Took advantage of the buy 15 baby food get $5 gift card, buy $50 groceries get $10, buy $40 diapers get $10, and buy two Tyson get $5.


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2 thoughts on “Great haul at Target!!”



Thank you. I’m happy about my haul. My husband was there with me on this one and it was a great feeling handing over only $1.26 to get his movie for him. : )