I love getting deals for myself and family…but at this time of year, the local food shelf is runs low on personal care items. So I took advantage of great coupons from RP and SS from the 1/31 Sunday paper, digital DG coupons, and paired them with SavingStar and Checkout51 offers. (photo shows a sampling of what was purchased – all items were bought with combinations of coupons and online offers). Plus, Dollar General offered $5 off a purchase of $25 or more today (Saturday 2/6), and I received a coupon for $5 off my next purchase after purchasing $15 or more in P&G products.
Total purchase price before discounts: $161.81
Total OOP: $85.41 (47% savings)


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2 thoughts on “Great savings at Dollar General for local food shelf!”

Reply to Brittinae:

Sure. Here is a summary of what I did (I did have a few personal items on this shop, so those are included as well):

Bounty paper towels, sale priced $4.95 + $1/1 q (6 rolls or larger)
Scott paper towels $7, + digital coupon $1/1 package
DG 24 rolls TP $7.00
2 pkg Hefty storage bags, $2.50 each + coupon for $1/2
Arm&Hammer detergent pods $8.00 + coupon for $1/1
Gain Flings on sale for $7.95 + coupon for $2/1
Suave Professionals Shampoo, coupon for $2/2 + $1.50/2 SavingStar
Garnier Fructis Shampoo, coupon for $1/1 + $1/1 SavingStar
Degree men’s antiperspirant, coupon for $1.50/1 + $1/1 SavingStar
Degree women’s antiperspirant, $1.50/1 + $1/1 SavingStar
Axe men’s shampoo, coupon for $1/1 + $2/1 SavingStar
Dove men’s deodorant, coupon for $1/1 + 50c/1 SavingStar
Aussie Shampoo, digital coupon for $2/2,
Dove shampoo, coupon for $3/2 + $3/2 Savingstar
Vaseline intensive care lotion (20.3 oz), on sale for $5.75; had BOGO free coupon + $1/1 SavingStar. Got free 10 oz. size (paid 4.75 OOP for both).
Dove mens 2n1 shampoo/conditioner, coupon $2/1 + $2/1 SavingStar (paid $0 for that one)
Herbal Essences body wash, digital coupon 75c/1
Dove body wash, coupon $1/1 + $1/1 Savingstar
Axe mens shower gel, coupon $1/1 + $1/1 SavingStar
Safeguard bar soap (pkg. of 6), on sale for $3.00, digital coupon $1/1
Ivory bar soap (pkg. of 3), on sale for $1.25, coupon for 25c/2, plus digital coupon for 40c/1
Simply Venus disposable razors, on sale for $3.25, + coupon for $2/1 (any Venus disposable) + $1/1 Checkout51 (paid 25c OOP)
Caress body wash, coupon for 50c/1 + 75c/1 SavingStar
Suave body wash, coupon for 75c/1 + 25c/1 SavingStar
Herbal Essence shampoo, coupon $3/2
Suave Professionals Gold, coupon for $3/2 + $3/2 SavingStar
Axe mens deodorant, coupon for $2/1 + 50c/1 SavingStar
Dove body wash, coupon for $1.50/2 + $1/1 SavingStar
Dawn dish detergent, digital coupon for 25c/1
Fresh & Light cat litter, digital coupon for $1/1
McCormick chili seasoning mix, 50c/2 SavingStar

Dollar General deducts part of the $5.00 discount off of each item purchased. I earned a $5 catalina for purchasing $15 or more P&G products.

Happy couponing!


I only have a dollar general near me so that is the extent of my extreme couponing unless I go 30 miles away! Can you break it down more? I would love to do the same haul or similar and give to my food shelf as well.