I honestly don’t know why KCL isn’t promoting this great deal on Toilet Paper from ShopRite. It currently is $5.88 for 18 double rolls of Ultra Soft and Strong and there is a promotion where if you spend $20 you get a $5 off your next purchase catalina. See below:

4 Quilted Northern Ultra Soft and Strong (18ct) Toilet Paper Packs = $23.52

Coupons used:
4 $1 off 1 Quilted Northern Ultra Soft and Strong Toilet Paper Packs (12 or larger) MQ = – $4

Total after Coupons: $19.52 + tax
Receive: $5 off your Next Purchase Catalina

Final Total: $14.52 + tax
This means each pack is $3.63 which means it’s $0.20 a double roll and $0.10 a single roll!

If your ShopRite doubles coupons, use the $0.55 coupons that are on FB and you’ll save a bit more!



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2 thoughts on “Great Toilet Paper Deal at ShopRite!”

That is great! I also got the $5 off Catalina. I discovered that the computer considers the $20 threshold BEFORE you use your price plus card. In my case, Brawny was on sale for $9.68 but $5.88 after Price Plus. So I bought 2 Brawny, bought the Marcal napkins $1.99 to push me over the $20 mark of 21.35. After price plus it was $13.75 minus two $1 off Brawney 8 pack (coupons.com) leaving me at $11.75… plus the catalina $5 printed!! I am tempted to go back for a couple more, but I think these will last me quite a while!


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