Made 3 transactions was 116 and paid 26 dollars including tax, I rolled ECBs and used 10 of 30, 10 of 60 a bunch of mfc coupons and cvs coupons. Could probably be done cheaper but I am happy with the savings I got.


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One thought on “Had a hard time leaving the store at CVS”

The loreal cosmetic products used the 10 out of 30 and 4 of 15 got 5 back and they went two rads 5 for 50 for beauty products. Except the ice cream and toothpaste everything went towards the 10 out of 60. Plus you get 10 for the paper 5 for the loreal shampoo and color and more towards the 5 for 50 beauty rewards. Roll rr and use coupons for every item


Can you tell me how you did the 10 for 30 and 10 for 60