Paw patrol toddler shirt 7.98 on clearance for 5.58 + 20% CW
2xs tampax $3.99-2 $2 MC
Fortify $18.99-$3 MC-$3 Ibotta-$3 ch51
Culturelle kids $18.99-$5 MC-40% CW
Spend $25 health get $5 Gift Card
Coppertone clear $6.99
Coppertone Water babies 2 pack $12.99 on clearance for $1.29-$3/2 Coppertone products+buy 2 Coppertone get $5 Gift card-$1 Ibotta
2xs similar go & grow $9.98 buy 2 get $10 gift card
Total $54.01 – $1.70 red card-$15 rolled gift cards= 41.50 OOP got back $20 gift cards -$4 Ibotta – $3 ch51
$14.55 for all 9 items ($93.90 products or 84.5% savings)


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0 thoughts on “Healthy target!”

The similac packets worked for the promo? It doesn’t show up on the site or ad…


Yes I actually tried just them on Tuesday. In store they have the sign attached to them. The $10 gift card from Tuesday is 1 of the 1s I used today. Wanted the individual vanilla flavor drink mix but 2 different targets were out. My son seems to like the mix in though so still works for us lol