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3 thoughts on “Honest Diapers: $1.23 at Target!”

I am so in love with Target right now! I stacked the $25 baby department gift card offer with some high value honest company coupons and the Johnson’s gift card promotion for some awesome deals!
I took the $25 gift card off the diaper price.

12 packs of Honest Co. Diapers:
On clearance for 8.48 each (only 15% off, but when you stack it with the gift card offer, it was worth buying now rather than waiting)
-2x $25/ $50 honest co. purchase coupon (found in the target registry gift bags)
-4x $3/1 honest co. diapers coupon (found in older gift bags from several months ago. I only had 4 left)
-$25 gift card back

Total cost: $1.23 per pack!

I had to stack some other items in my cart to reach the $150 threshold (The honest company coupon says limit two per transaction)

6 bottles Johnson’s baby wash and lotion
$5.99 each
receive $5 gift card wyb 3
-3x $2/2 johnson’s or desitin product coupons (found in gift bags)
-$10 gift cards back

Total cost: $3.32 each

Medela breastmilk storage set
$12.99 regular price.
I didn’t have any coupons for this, but it is something I needed and it was exactly the right cost to get me to the threshold of $150. When I got home, though, I realized I DO have a coupon for it that came with my pump, so I may go back to guest service next time.

NUK pacifiers (These came from WALMART, not Target)
Free, but not intentionally…

I used the B1 pacifier, G1 bottle coupon from When I checked out, though, I noticed that the coupons took off the pacifier price, NOT the bottle price at the register. I went to guest service to just return everything because the coupons didn’t work out as I had planned, but I realized that just returning the bottles would make the pacifiers free, so that’s what I decided to do. Be careful using those coupons at WM. At Target, they took of the bottle price without any problems.


How did you get so many Target registry gift bags? Thanks 🙂


My friends and family have been collecting them for me for about five months now.