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This has to be at least the 5th week where i have bought a lot of items for nearly ANYTHING! Im not going to lie, since i began couponing (going on 2yrs in February) I did not give myself a budget. (no biggie but i should of) Especially since my husband was hired at CDW right about the time i started, i didnt think it was that much important since i was already saving money.(not the case now im on a roooolll!)

Well turns out that a few weeks back he came home and surprised me with a trip to VEGAS! And not that we were living paycheck to paycheck but we wanted to save even more so we can have a great time (no kids on trip). First of all…. he paid everything up front, and it was a great feeling to know that we still had a lot of money in our saving and checking after everything was said and done. Long story short, couponing has tough me that you can stretch your ONE income and not live paycheck to paycheck as we had lived before. i will never go back to no using coupons.

Did i mention that when im out and about i peek into peoples carts and see what items they are buying and i automatically  KNOW that there are coupons for those items? is it just me? lol not to mention it brakes my heart as well lol!


i gave myself a budget of $25 last week. and was planing on using that last week, little did i know that i scored big time and only spend $2.86 on items worth $127.55!!!!  so all together i  got products worth $259.89 for only $28! and WAIT it gets better look all the way to the bottom!


here is what i got




4- 31 count of pull ups (PRINTABLE)

4-12 packs of toilet paper (.75/1 8/11)
1- 12 count double rolls paper towels
2- body wash (CVS)


paid $8.70 for 4 pack of pull ups (used coupons and rolled ecbs)

paid $1.66 for 3 packs of 12ct toilet paper and 12 pack of paper towels (used one .75 and rolled a few ecbs)

paid $.19 for both body was bottles (cvs coupon)

spend $10.55 at CVS



4- 375ct qtips     (used $5gc i had from previous promo paid $5.66 and received a $5gc)
2- 24ct pencil packs (FREE used 2-$1.50 off one school supply tq)

2- pain pills (.50 each used 1-$1/2 tq)

spend $6.71 at target


Walmart ***** i went to 2 different store and did not clear shelf’s I HATE THAT!****

12- saving cream (free $8.76 overage) (8/11)
4- 12 pack of razors (free $1.60overage) (8/11)
1- lysol pack  ($2 price matched DG)
1- dye ($2.84)
1- bug spray ($3.47)
1- note book (.17)
1- box of 30 ct ziploc bags ($2.98)

9- 51ct wipes ($1.64X9= $14.76)

spend $6.79 (mostly tax) at walmart


RETAILED $157.99

SAVED around $132.34

OOP $25 (rounded up) and still ended up with $10ecb (toilet paper deal) $5ecb (beauty club **i didnt even know i had!) and $5 gift card


so depending on who you ask… $5?????

Never miss a coupon, deal or freebie again!

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