The retail value of all of it was $146 I paid $40 OOP, got back $12 in EBCs, so my total cost was $28 for $146 worth of retail products!! Thats an 81% savings!! 😍😍 I got 4 bottles of Hidden Valley Ranch (each was only $1) 2 bags of Trolli gummy worms (free) 26 bottles/cans of starbucks drinks, 4 bottles of Xtra laundry detergent ($1 each or $0.03 per load) (I got this deal on Tuesday, I got 2 more bottles of Xtra today too) 3 large bags of M&Ms ($1 each) and one bottle of makeup remover (went from $8.49 to 2.99 😜) I am so please with this haul!!! Used a ton of coupons, rolled as much EBCs as I remembered to, and used 2 cards (FYI) 😀 happy savings



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2 thoughts on “HUGE CVS HAUL!! 81% SAVINGS :D”

What is the deal u got on Starbucks drinks?


You can find it in their add, It’s spend $20 get $5 back, my mom buys them almost every day, and this made them half price ( about $1.25 a bottle/can) So I did 1 deal per card (I think you can only do 1 per card) 🙂