$15 off a $50 household purchase at Target?! Yes, please! I totally took advantage of that mobile coupon and stacked it with manufacturer coupons and two Cartwheel offers. With the exception of buying different-sized GLAD containers (I needed bigger ones than those suggested), I followed the scenario exactly and spent less than $20 for all of this! Heck yes!

Buy 2 Tide Pods, 35 ct $9.99, regular price
Buy 4 Dawn Dish Soap, 9 oz $0.97, regular price
Buy 4 Bounty Basic Paper Towels $0.97, regular price
Buy 4 Glad Containers $2.59, regular price
Buy 2 Swiffer Dusters Starter Kit $3.99, regular price
Buy 2 Ziploc Sandwich Bags, 40 ct $2.29, regular price

Use $15.00 OFF Select Household Purchase, $50.00 or more, Target Mobile Coupon, Text CLEAN to 827438

And use two $3.00/1 - Tide Pods, 31 ct or larger (

And use two $2.00/1 - Swiffer Starter Kit (

And use four $1.00/1 - Glad Food Protection item (

And use one $1.50/2 - Ziploc Brand Bags (

And use four $0.50/1 - Bounty Basic Paper Towels (

And use four $0.25/1 - Dawn product (

And use 15% Off - Glad Food Storage, Target Cartwheel Offer (exp 8/22) - (

And use 10% Off - Bounty Basic Paper Towels, Target Cartwheel Offer (exp 8/29) - (

Final Price: $15.22, when you buy all 18, or $0.85 each


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6 thoughts on “Huge Savings at Target (I’m SO Proud of Myself)!!”

It looks awesome to me!


i was told by the Target associate that the swiffer starter kit did not apply to the duster starter kit and was not allowed to use it. It also clearly has a picture of the starter mop kits on it and no duster kit. Honestly this deal was just okay. All the products included in the $15.00 off $50.00 were not on sale at all. Yes, you can combine coupons and cartwheels but I had a difficult time finding enough stuff to buy. I found this deal to be difficult to navigate at the store as far as what products counted towards the $50.00 and such. In the end I got the $50.00 dollars worth of stuff for about $20.00. Not too bad but such a headache.


How can I get access to print 4 coupons? I doesn’t let me print more 🙁 I’m new at this


You can only print 2 coupons unless you have two computers in the household.


I am glad someone is successful at this. The only Swiffer Starter kits I could find were $14.99 each so $2 didn’t help much. No paper towels and I don’t use Tide. But I will keep checking the stores to see if they restock and maybe I can make it work. Which Swiffer Starter kits is everyone finding?


I did it! My stores prices were a little different, and I’d didn’t have a couple of the coupons so I substituted. Here it’s what I got: 2 Tide pods, 3 Dawn dish soaps, 2 Swiffer starter kits, 4 Bounty basics tools, 2 Ziploc sandwich bags, 1 Windex spray, 2 Large Glade candles( from the clearance) All this cans to $19.70!!! Not as good as some, but it still felt great! Thank you KCL.