The amount of grocery items I bought today at safeway is alot but includes 10 cans of old El paso refried beans, 10 boxes of rice roni, 4 boxes of taco shells. 5 Gatorades, 4 boxes of cereal, plus lots more. My cart was full. Before savings card and coupons my total was $209 and some change. After savings card and coupons my total was $129.69. I saved $87.90 for a total of 42% savings. I know that’s not huge for some of you but for me it is. I never thought I could pay so little. So excited to be starting my stockpile and learning how to coupon. My goal, once I have enough of a stock pile to not have to shop unless it’s on sale, is to be under $50 after coupons. Thanks so much KCL for teaching me how to do this!!!!!