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Huggies Extreme couponing without coupons


So I saw a few other posts about the Huggies big pack diapers if you buy 2 at $5.99 (normally $19.97) you get $5.00 off, before I went in I called the 1 800 number and she said it depends on what the manager says about it so I called my Kmart and they had no idea about it and said that id didn’t sound right and told me to print the page from online and bring it in, so I did and who I talked to went home so they were confused but grabbed a monthly ad and said that they would fix them for me and I would get them at the $3.49 price, so I ended up paying $17.12 with tax and saved $98.88 for someone reason there was a $5.00 Huggies discount i’m not sure why tat was on there so the diapers really break down to be $2.66 for one big box of diapers.  so thank you other Kcl’s for posting about this with an almost 2 year old and 4 month old in diapers I need all I can get, and I usually never get the deals on diapers so i’m really glad I tried to do this, they had no idea and didn’t say anything about a misprint. oh and there was definitely no shelf clearing they had a ton on the over head and a ton left on the shelves. Happy Couponing :)

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