Bought 2 scope outlast 500ml 2 Nivea smooth daily moisture lotion 500ml
2 scope @$3.99
used two 1.50 off coupons also had a 2.00 off 6.00 mouthwash from my cvs card
And get 3.00 each back for buying 2
3.99 by 2 = $7.98 minus 3.00 coupons = $4.98-2.00 off 6 mouth wash = 2.98 got back $6.00 Eb yeaaaaaaaa
Also buy 2 Nivea smooth daily moisture lotion $5.00 each with card spend 10.00 get $3.00 extra bucks
10.00 minus two 2.00/1 coupons equals $6.00 had a cvs coupon for 3.00 off 10 lotion making it now 3.00 and don’t forget the 3.00 extra bucks back making it free only paid sales tax and my Nivea was a money maker so I’m super happy the other stuff are samples they gave me I’m a regular customer so the guy gave me these samples in my bag ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️cvs my son is 14 and I’m teaching him as I learn and he was so proud of me today thank you kcl I’ve been home from work since November I fell on my job and recently had surgery on my shoulder my income has deduced significantly by learning to coupon shop I’m no longer depressed because I had to say no at times to my kids because of bills and I’m a smarter shopper because of you and no longer scared of the back to school shopping I look forward to it now enough of me lol thanks once again you are changing lives and helping families ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️kcl


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One thought on “I love cvs”

I love that you posted your back story as i can definitely relate to it. keep teaching your son! and thank you for posting the coupons you used. I like to get ideas off of people’s brags and the way you listed it makes it easy to duplicate