3- Huggies Pull-ups
2- Dove Men’s bodywash
2- Skintimates shaving cream
2- Natures Bounty vitamins
1- Scott papertowels
2- Scott toilet paper
1- Envelop bodywash
2- Sunday newspapers
15- items total

Transaction 1-
2- Dove men’s bodywash
Coupons- 2- $2 off 1
1- Envelop bodywash
Coupons 3/10 bodywash CVS cpn

2- 2- Scott toilet paper- get $5 ECB
1- Scott papertowels
Coupons- $1 off Scott papertowel
2-$1- off Scott toilet paper
3- Huggies pull-ups -get $5 ECB
Coupons- 3-$2 off Huggies
5/25 CVS coupon

2- Skintimate shaving creams- get $5 ECB

Coupons used- 10/60-CVS cpn
5/25 diaper CVS cpn
3/10 bodywash CVS cpn
2- $2 dove bodywash
3- $1 off Scott
3- $2- Huggies
$21 in ECB
After coupons final OOP price was 12.59 and received $15 in ECB’s= 2.41 MONEYMAKER!!!

Tranaction 2
2- Sunday newspapers $4
2- Natures Bounty vitamins- $16.78
Coupons- 1- 2/$12CVS cpn
2- $1 mfc cpn
-15.00 ECB from Trans 1
Total OOP- 1.78

Total for trans 1- $2.41 Moneymaker
Trans 2 – $1.78
Total- $.63– moneymaker for $85.37 worth of products!!


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5 thoughts on “I love CVS!!!”

Rebecca, the coupons come from the CVS Redbox where you scan your card. The more shopping you do the more coupons you are given on Sundays. Hope that helps!

Manny, your right I did count the $15 ECB twice. Had I stopped with trans 1 it would have been a Moneymaker. But I chose to buy vitamins that were not giving ECB’s back. So I rolled over the ECBs from trans 1 to pay for Trans 2 to lower my OOP cost. Trans 1 gave me the 15ecb and trans 2, I spent the $15.

Tiffany, regardless of me using $21 in ECB’s it’s still a money maker. I ended with more than I paid cash OOP on trans 1. Using ECB’s in a transaction is smart because the goal is to lower your OOP cost (and not let them expire) AND I got back $15 in ECB. I chose to make the 2nd trans for a friend receiving no ECB’s. They call it rolling ecb’s, KCL posts about it every week.

As you said Manny either way it was a good haul!


First transaction would really be paying 18.59


Not even close to being a money maker since you used 21.00 in extra bucks. You are counting them twice: when you earn & when you use them


Pretty good haul, but you counted the $15 ECB from trans 1 twice. Once when you subtracted from the $12.59 OOP to get to $2.41 money maker and once to reduce the OOP in trans 2. Bottom line you paid $14.37 for $85.37 of goods.


Where do you get the cvs coupons?