2 Pantene Shampoos @ 8.00 R 2ECB

1 Pantene Conditioner @4.00

1 Pantene Styler @4.00

2 Colgate Total Mouthwash @ 5.98 R2ECB

1 Sunday Newspaper @2.00

-3.00 CVS Coupon Just for you

-4.00 CVS Coupon Save 4/14 Pantene

-4.00/2 Pantene

-2.00 /1 Pantene

-2.00/1 Colgate Total Mouthwash

-2.00/1 Colgate Total Mouthwash

-5.00 CVS Extra Care Bucks from Previous Shopping Trip

-3.00 CBS ECB* (I thought I had used this one already, but apparently it didn't go away. I expected to use the 1.00 CVS APP for Colgate Total Mouthwash. If I had known this, I could have had an item up to $1.02 in addition to the above. IE: Candy, no tax).

Subtotal: .00

Tax: 1.35

Final total: 1.35

I only paid tax! Whoo-hoo!

Saved $33.54 or 100% Received 4ECBs

Ps. Is anyone else here having a problem with the CVS App Only coupons. I’ve gone to CVS two days in a row, and both registers didn’t know how to handle them.


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2 thoughts on “I *Love* me some FREE Stuff at CVS!”

Good job! I love when CVS gives extra coupons based on our spending


Break down of where u got the coupons