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I was a hot mess yet did pretty darn well on F&F day IMO

My printer had cranial flatulence tuesday night when I went to print off my friends and family coupons. I ended up with 16 of those bad boys so I decided to not waste them and put a few to use.  Sorry there is no picture (Camera is MIA and it’s my phone’s woman time of the month apparently)!!!  I could have done a little better if I was more organized, if they had all the stuff I had planned on them having, if I could have printed all of the coupons that I missed out on and if I didn’t have a teething 9 month old with me! It also could have been done in alot less transactions. Also, I’m going to include the tax cuz I still had to pay it! :(
Transaction #1 & 2
Heartburn out $10
-15% = -$1.50
Payed $9.23
Recieved $10 RR
(I meant to do the Kraft deal in between to roll the Rewards, but I had my own brain fart!)
Transaction #3
2 Herbal Essences 2/$6
-15%= $2.55 each
4 Chapstick 2/$3
-15%= $1.27 each
-$3/2 HE Coupon
(2) -$1/2 Chapstick coupon
Payed $6.05
Recieved $2 RR
Transaction #4-6
2 Herbal Essences 2/$6
-15%= $2.55 each
-$3/2 coupon
Payed $2.54
Recieved $2 RR
Transaction #7
All Kraft
4 Shells and Cheese/Mac & Cheese 2/$4
-15%= $1.70 each
4 Mayo/Miracle Whip 2/$6
-15%= $2.55 each
2 Dressing (Didn’t have the Italian so I couldn’t use the IVC) 2/$4
-15%= $1.70 each
-$1/2 IVC Shells= -$2
-$1/2 IVC Mayo= -$2
-$1/2 Man Q Dressing= -$1
Used previous transaction RRs of $10, $2 and $2
Payed $2.14
Recieved $10 RR
So all in all, I payed a total of $34.27 out of pocket.
I still have $24 in RRs.
So if it would work this way (I wish!) $10.27 for 24 items so, $0.43 per item including tax!!
Pre couponing/sales value = $120.35
Total end of day savings of almost 92% for stuff we use on a daily basis!!!
*Insert happy dance here!!!!*
I also handed my leftover F&F coupons to the people behind me in line for having to wait on me! Trying to keep Karma happy!

Never miss a coupon, deal or freebie again!

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