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This is perfect, im planning an ice cream party for my daughters home coming and scored on ice cream and got a new TQ from catalina machine, going back to get two more breyers blasts let me break it down for ya…

1 oxyclean dishwasher booster 3.99
Free after MIR
2 up and up hydrogen peroxide .52 ea
free after 2 .75/1 TQ
2 wet ones canisters sale 1.99 ea
1.06ea after .75/1 TQ(catalina) and 1.10/2 MQ
2 breyers blasts ice cream sale 3.25 ea
1.75 ea after 1.50/2 TQ and 1.50/2 MQ
2 breyers ice cream sale 3.25 ea
1.50 ea after 1.50/2 TQ and 2 1/1 MQ

total B4 Q’s 22.01
after Q’s 12.62 oop
after MIR 8.63

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