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This week rite aid has a good deal on zest body wash and soap bars.I figured I do the body wash instated of bar soap because there’s a $1 off 1 body wash coupon and 50 cent off 1 bar soap coupon so to get my body wash free I got the body wash here’s what I did:
I Bought 2 zest body wash @ $2.99 each which comes out to 5.98
I also bought 6 Revlon beauty tolls which we’re buy 1 get 1 50% off, and u get a $4 up reward when u purchase $10 of that product
So I got 6 nail clippers, 3 @ regular price which was $1.49 and the other 3 @ 50% off were .74 cent
(2)$1 zest mfr coupons
(5)$1 Revlon beauty tool coupons [I only had 5 :(]
$4 up reward from last week
So total of all coupons equals $11
$12.67-$11.00= $1.67 oop w/o tax, with tax it was like $3 something( I live in California)
I got $4 up reward back from zest products
And I got $4 up reward from Revlon beauty tools
So I paid a little over $3 oop and got $8 up rewards :)

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