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I’m so excited….and I just can’t hide it!!!


This is my first brag ever and I am pretty excited about it!! I have been couponing for a little while now, but can never seem to do well with food, until today! I am pretty proud of all I got. Here’s the breakdown:
Albertsons: transaction 1
-Cocoa Puff and Reese Cereal: on sale 2/5 used $1/2 coupon plus double= $3.00
-Nature Valley Bars: on sale 2/5 used $1/2 peelie plus double= $3.00
-Fiber One Brownies- on sale 2.50 had no coupon but 5th item for the catalina
-Snyder’s Pretzels- on sale 3.00 used $1/1 coupon plus double= $1.00
Total: 9.50 plus received $5.00 catalina for GM products

Albertsons: transaction 2
-Fig Newton Thins: on sale 3.99 used 1/1 coupon plus double= $1.99
-Maruchan Noodles: on sale B1G1 free used .50 coupon=.69 for 2
-All Laundry Detergent: on sale for 3.99 used 1/1 coupon plus doubles= $1.99 each
-Starbucks Refresher drinks: free after coupon=.10 for deposit for 2
Total: $6.76 and used $5.00 catalina from first trans. OOP $1.76

Rite Aid: transaction 1
-Skittles: on sale .59 used VV coupon .50=.09
-Hot Tamales: on sale 1.00=2.00
-Oreo Cookies: on sale .50 used 1.00/2 VV coupon= FREE
Total: 2.09 with 2.00 UP Reward Received

Rite Aid: transaction 2
-Air Wick Spray: on sale .95 used VV coupon 1.00=.05 overage
-Sucrets: on sale 2/3 used 2 1/1 coupon=1.00 for 2
-Hot Tomales: on sale 2/2= 2.00 for 2
Total: $2.95 used UP Reward from trans 1 OOP .95 with $3.00 UP rewards remaining

Safeway: transaction 1
-A Dozen Eggs: 1.59 used “just for you” savings= FREE
-Starbucks Drink: on sale for $1.50 used free coupon= .05 Deposit
-Ken’s Salad Dressing: on sale for .99 used 1/2 coupon plus double up to .50=$1.92 for 8
Total: $1.97

Safeway: transaction 2
-Starbucks Energy Drink: on sale for 2.00 used tear pad coupon for 1/1 plus .50 double=$1.00 for 2
-Wonderful Pistachios: on sale B1G1 Free used 1.00 coupon plus .50 double=$4.49 for 2
Total: $5.49
So all together I paid $21.76 with $3.00 UP Rewards remaining so it was like $18.76 WOO HOO!!!

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