Once again, I decided to try for an “Under $20” deal for high end items at CVS. I hadn’t sat down and written everything before hand, but I had checked out the Weekly Ads,  and read up on other couponer’s great finds.

I ended up running into a few issues with this last order, and I would love to receive feedback, and find out what I am doing wrong or if anyone else is having the same problems…

Issue #1

In my Weekly Ad, it says:

Buy 2 of ANY Maybelline Lip or Eye get $5 extrabucks® rewards

And the small print says:

WITH CARD: ALL Maybelline Lip or Eye. Offer limit of 3 per household with card. Excludes clearance.
In my understanding of doing this deal, I would be able to Buy 6 Maybelline products, and receive $15 ECBs. At the register, I was told that it was Buy 2 of ANY Maybelline Lip or Eye get $5 extrabucks® rewards per card. If I had two extra cards, I could get the deal, and that I could NOT do it on one.
Thus, I received only $5 ECBs for 6 products of Maybelline.
Issue #2
Inconsistencies with price.

In the Clearance section it said “All items 75% off”. Not all of my products received the discount. Unfortunately, there was a long line, and I was short on time to scrutinize everything on my receipt (my main issue was the 15 ECB), so I was overcharged* for several items.

My Transaction:

Clearance items:
-Mini Fan $2.00…….. final price .50   (25% discount): .49
-Hand sanitizer $2.00 x2….final price 1.00 (25% discount): .98
-Face wipes $1.00 …. final price (AUGH) 1.00 (discount) $1.00* (supposed to be .25)
-Side Walk Chalk $1.00 x 2… final price (AUGHHHHH)…(discount)… $2.00 (supposed to be .50)*
(supposed to be roughly $2.22 total… not 4.47…grrr)
1 Maybelline Lip Gloss … 4.49 (-1.00 MFC coupons.com) (discount)
1 Maybelline Mascara… 5.99    (-2.00 MFC coupons.com) (discount)
3 Maybelline Eye Shadow… 7.49 (-1 MFC x 3 coupons.com) (discount)
1 Maybelline Blush… 8.49… (-2.00 MFC coupons.com) (discount)
Used $3 ECB and $5ECB from last week’s transactions
Used Get 25% off Just for You discount (-$11.11)
Subtotal: 18.80
Yes, it’s under my $20s goal, but I had expected to be under it with tax…
CA 9.5% TAX $3.31
Final Total: $22.11
Received only 5 EB thought I was earning 10 EB more…
The $2.25 overcharged annoys me. It’s because I only use the discount bin when it’s dirt cheap, like today.
— Anyone deal with similar issues? What do you do about them?


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5 thoughts on “Inconsistancies… *AUGH* a CVS”

I had problems with their clearance items before too. Picked up something that was supposed to be 90% off and it rang up full price. I noticed it in the car only. Went back and they fixed it. So the advice is to always check the receipt, especially if you feel that you spent more than you should have.


I find it helpful to use the CVS website or their App to click on “more details” on the deals that are supposed to trigger ECBS. If you click on this it will actually give you a picture of each item that is included in the deal, such as the Buy 2 maybelline get 5ecbs. It would list all the mascaras, lip liners, etc that would be included in the deal because of course there is always exclusions. I have found this helpful as well as sometimes in the store the item is not marked as part of the “deal” but it is on the app so I always use this as a tool at the register if something doesn’t ring up right. Ex: I did the buy $10 in Colgate get $5 ecb back. Well on the app it showed the Oral-b 360 toothbrushes included, but at the store there was no sign. When I went to check out, I just made sure they rang down and sometimes if the cashier isn’t busy I explain to them that I want to make sure this rings correctly and they are always helpful to make sure it does. I have found several times that things aren’t marked in the store, but are actually in fact on sale or part of the “deal” to earn ECBS. I am about 2 months into coupling at CVS and still learning, but my ultimate advice to you is know their coupon policy, know their ecb policy and don’t be afraid to question your receipt, A LOT of times the cashiers don’t even know the deals, so if you have the ad to show them or the app on your phone, 9 times out of 10 they are going to make it right for you. Good luck!


If you don’t have time to go back to the store, call customer service. They have always been very helpful and they will send the ECB to your card.


I had the same problem with maybelline, but they printed out my extra bucks for me when we saw that it didnt print them out


better to go in during the same sale week (and same store), bring in their ad that show limit 3 per household (then of course you can show them other wordings on their ad that would state limit 1. and good catch by charlotte about the blush…. you can bring that blush back (of course unused) and swap it out .
good luck. yes, you can do all in one transaction, unlike walgreens were you have to do seperate to get their catalina type register rewards.


You can take your receipt back to store & talk to manager. However, you brought blush which isn’t for lips or eyes. You should of gotten $10.00 ECB total instead of $5 ECB. As for clearance I always scan product to make sure of the price. Hopes this helps . 🙂