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It is “Miracle” Whip!


So for my second week of couponing I feel like I hit a small mother load . . . my deal was Miracle Whip.
They are normally priced at $6.49 but on sale for 2 for $4.
I picked up 6 of them and had $1 off MFC from 5/15 flyers (can’t remember if it was SS or RP) so I paid a dollar a bottle.
My total was $6 and I saved $32.94! Plus got a $4 off your next purchase of $20 or more. So as long as I use it, it was like getting it for $2. How do you beat that besides free?!
With how little my husband uses (and I prefer actual mayo) we now have at least a 6 month supply! He is deploying so I can actually send some with him because they don’t have it overseas.
A side note – we shop at the base commissary and they always have great deals – this week they had campbell’s pork and beans for 25 cents a can! They are known for having case lot sales which are somewhat hit or miss depending on the items they have. They also have “military” coupons that you get there but all the stores out here accept them. If you are near a base it might be handy to make friends with a wife!

Never miss a coupon, deal or freebie again!

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