Newbie. I bought all of the above at a 100% savings using $15 in extra bucks from my purchases last week and then made an additional $12 in extra bucks from this transaction. They just paid me to take this stuff out of the store! 🙂


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2 thoughts on “I just made $12 at CVS”

Great job…there isn’t any “right” or “wrong” way to post…I do my breakdowns the same way as u have and it is is people like this that has forced me to NEVER post on here–I’m tired of all the negativity–we should be encouraging each other NOT tearing each other down–the 1st thing in “couponing” is to learn to “roll” hence creating your OOP to be lower so that is saving $ regardless of how it is stated….keep up the good work and don’t let this person deter you in any way from learning and expanding your stockpile!–happy couponing!! 🙂


Great deals! Remember to only count your ECBs once. (I don’t count mine when it is earned, only when it is spent.) I think of them exactly like money. If I paid $15 and got back $12, I really paid $3. Still, great shopping, and thanks for sharing!