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I hope this is noteworthy. I am fairly new to this so here it goes. Sorry no pic, everything put away and I suck at uploads or downloads or whatever from my phone. first I went to Wags on thurs for Military 15% off, the next stop was CVS.

Began Wags with 8 RR-

12 pepsi 2L used 7 mq .55 ea
4 Witch hazel
4 Lanacane
3 Complete Eye Sol used 3 mq $1 off
2 gal distilled H2O
4 Pop Tart used 2mq $1 off 2
2 Scrub Bubl Auto Toilet Starter used 2 mq $3 off
2 chip ‘ins (popcorn tortilla things)
2 charms pops filler
2 chewy sweet tarts filler

spent 12.90 oop left with $11 RR savings 133.85


Began with 30.79 ECB
Had 30% coup for mothers day not good on sale items or gift cards
also had a friend who let me use any deals she didn’t want so I got extra gift cards and kotex

1 slim jim–don’t shop when hungry
4 ear buds
2 colgate toothpaste used 2 $1 off mq
4 25$ itunes
6 15$ Panera
1 CVS Body Wash Free download store q
1 snickers
2 kotex u
3 stayfree
2 COQ10 used 2 mq $5 off and 1 CVS 1.50 off nature made
6 Arizona drinks

only got to use $6 RR because it got down to gift cards and cant use them on gift cards so oop 212.99 savings of 150.21 AND walked out having old ECB + new ECB + 58.5 to spend later! This takes care of some B-day and X-mas for 3 teenagers too. I know I could have spent less on gift cards but lost my mind in the store. $190+tx was the gift cards alone!

It was some work but I was happy. I wish I could hit some grocery highs like this!

Never miss a coupon, deal or freebie again!

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