Everything in this picture was $0.99 or less each!

All of the products from the Italian savings event that King Soopers was having are all on sale right now! The orti d’italia pasta sauces are on sale for $1.99 and are part of the buy 4 save $4 so they end up being $0.99 each! The di martino pastas are also on sale for $0.77 each this week! Both of these are imported from italy…yum! I also walked through the soda aisle and found $1 off peal coupons on the 7up 6-pack bottles. They are part of the buy 4 save $4 and after the $1 off coupon end up being $0.99 each!! Score!!


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2 thoughts on “King Soopers (Kroger) Amazing Deal!”

Omg I’m jelly Mann I can’t barely find good deals here it annoys me,but I’m glad for the rest that can get a good deal