I went to Kmart for the double coupon event and bought:
1 Dove Deodorant used $2 off coupon
1 Axe Deodorant used $2 off coupon
1 Tide Laundry Detergent- used $2 off coupon
1 All Laundry Detergent- used $1 off coupon
1 Always maxi pads- used $2 off coupon

I then bought a notebook on clearance for $1.50 and a 3 pack of Lalaloopsy tinies on clearance for $3.03 to bright my total to $25. After my doubled coupons and $3 in surprise points from a sweeps I paid under $6 for everything! I got free Dove deodorant, Axe and Always!

My 2nd transaction I bought a Just Kidz cash register, on sale for $7.74 down from $15, Shopkins blind bag for $2.99, a Lalaloopsy minis set for $5.99 and a Halloween hand towel on sale for $2.67. I used $3 off $15 Kmart surprise points Toy Purchase and $7 I had saved up in points. Paying under $10 for 3 toys and a hand towel!


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One thought on “Kmart Doubles!”

Oops I meant bring** my total to $25.