The trolli, carmex, and power bar were free friday downloads

All the suave were part of the buy five save five deal, making them $0.99 each.

I used 1 $1/1 off suave men’s coupon and 2 $2/2 suave professionals coupon.

Just paid tax 😍


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5 thoughts on “Kroger Freebies!”

Right the digital q for Kroger is 1.50 ,of 12.6 oz. u bought bigger bottles. If I buy 5 at 2.99×5= 14.95- 5.00 (b5s5)=9.95 -7.70(1.50×5 uses)=2.25 for 5 out 0f pocket is my math right.


Also; my Kroger digital coupons did not offer a suave coupon


I ended up paying 50 cents each because my $1.50/1 coupon stated 28oz.


For the suave is .99 cents w kroger digital q? Thats what the cashier told me…plz help


No it was $0.99 just from buying 5 of them. Then I used coupons. I didn’t use any Kroger digital coupons, all mine were from the newspaper