Here is what I got at Kroger:

6 birds eye frozen veggies- used $1.00/1
2 herbal essence bottles- used $3.00/2
4 Aussie bottles- used $3.00/2
2 Venus shave gel- used $1.00/1
1 box Frosted Flakes- used $.50/1
1 box French toast crunch- used $.50/1
2 boxes General Mills (coco puffs and trip)- used $1.00/2

Final cost: 15.76
Amount saved between coupons and store deals: $41.50


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One thought on “Kroger Haul”

Thats awesome! How did u get discount on things like herbal essence where you have to get 4 to save $4? Did u get 2 then combine it with other products that has buy 4 and save $4?