Used the Buy 5, Save $5.00 sale with coupons

Purchased Luvs diapers for $3.99
Pampers wipes $0.49
Draft stain remover $0.59
Clorox Bleach $2.49

50% savings!


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3 thoughts on “Kroger Mega Sale deals”

What coupons must i use to get this deal? Im new to this

Reply has the Luvs, Clorox, and Dreft. I had them already printed a week or two ago so they all may not be available now. If you type in the coupons you need on they will pull up the most recent deal and link to print. I also used the coupons on the Kroger app for the pampers.


Must of the coupons were digital and use in addition with krogers mega sale one of their best sales ever can’t wait for the next one. Dreft 1off wipes 50 off oop.49cent Clorox on sale 2.99 coupon.490ff