Kroger mega sale haul and quick Target run…retail $217.xx, paid $67.xx and got back $8.25 on rebate apps, so net $59.xx!!!


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What city do u shop in. Im in lansing, michigan and new to couponing. Wondering if these are same deals at our stores


how, can you break this down?


Everything was part of the Buy 6 save $3 sale. No coupons for velveeta single cups (0.49), nissin chow mein noodles (0.39), hot sauce (0.99), Snapple (0.49), goldfish (0.99), beechnut baby food (0.49…but free + MM after $2 Ibotta, $1 SavingStar, $1 Mobisave, and $0.30 shrink rebate credits), or pasta (0.49).

Doritos 0.99 with $1/1 Kroger digital Q (if you already downloaded it to your card it’s good until tomorrow and can be used up to 5 times in one transaction)
Dove men body wash 0.99 with $2.00/1
Dove men soap $2.49 with $2.00/1 plus $2.00 SavingStar rebate
Butterball turkey bacon 1.44 with $0.55/1
Birds eye vegetables free + 0.01 MM with $1.50/1
Finish dishwasher packs $0.99 with $2.00/1
Barilla pasta sauce $1.24 with $0.75/1 Kroger digital coupon
Hormel chili 0.44 wyb 2 and use $0.55/2 digital coupon or IP
Prego ready meals $0.49 with $1.00/1
Gerber organic pouches 0.09 wyb 2 with $1.00/2
Clorox toilet cleaner 0.74 with $0.75/1
Kleenex $0.60 wyb 9, use (3) $0.50/3 and get $2.00 CAT
Apple Jacks 0.99 wyb 2 with $1.00/2
Dove men shampoo 0.99 with $2.00/1
Juicy juice 64 oz drink 0.94 with $0.55/1
Tyson refrigerated grilled and ready chicken (forgot price but used $0.55/1)

Trident gum and nestle water were part of the week of free Friday’s promotion
Belvita came from target when they had a 2 days 50% off CW, used $1.00/2 and also did a $1.00 mobisave