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laundry time!


every time I go to Kmart is a guaranteed fight with the cashier, but I always go back LOL. Last week got really nasty to the pont that I called coorporate, they were refusing to take my huggies coupons.
I went back today and this is what I got:

8 Purex 2 for $5 —$ 20
1 purex Crystals 2 for $8 — $4
1 Golden Oreos $1 clearance
pringles (free)

I used MQ:
4 $1 off two liquid purex (doubled)
1 $1 off Purex Crystals (doubled)
Kmart oringles coupon

the problem today was, that the cashier refused to use my purex coupons, saying that my transaction was one purchase, he even sad ” you gotta learn your terms before trying to use a coupon” and I just replied that I wanted the manager there. He then called a coworker and asked her to tell me how many coupons I could use,she then read the coupons and told him that I could use all of them! YAAAAYYYYYY!!!!!!

I used 10.50 in register rewards making my OOP 4.50!!!!!!

Never miss a coupon, deal or freebie again!

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