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Less than $3 for Healthy and practical products at Walmart!

Heather Gee Davis

Ok so I will admit that I have been really nervous about couponing at a store that does not have any rewards or  catalinas.  I decided to try today to see how I could do at Walmart with just coupons and their regular prices.  I was really happy!  I definitely have to make sure I have good coupons and be prepared to put things back if they aren’t the price I expected but otherwise it went really well.  The cashier was very nice and all of my coupons went through no problem.  I was even more happy that most of the food I got was relatively healthy and  whole grain because I always hear from people that the reason they don’t use coupons is because you only get coupons for junk food.  This proves that wrong.  (I can also show them all of the cranberries I got last week)

The breakdown:

4 x Duck Tape tape $0.77 each used 4  x $1/1 MQ total -$0.52 MM

2 x Silk Pure Almond shelf stable milk $1.97 each used 2 x  $2/1 MQ  total -$0.06 MM

4 x Barilla Whole Grain Pasta  $0.98 each  used 2 x $1/2 MQ total $1.92

1 x Pringles Multi Crain $1.50 used 1 x $0.75/1 MQ  total $0.75

1 x Waggin Train Big Blast  $2.12  used $2/1 MQ  total $0.12

1 x Pedigree Choice Cuts Tray $0.66  used Free Pedicgee Tray (up to $0.60) MQ  and the cashier adjusted the price of the tray to $0.60  total free

Total for everything $2.21 for $16.72 worth of products!  Not Bad!

All this for less than $3!!



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