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Look what I got paid for :D


So I began my journey at Publix to get some money for my other shopping.

—Purina Beneful dog food 3.5 oz BOGO $5.79
(2) $2/1 MQ- SS 4/29 R
(2) $2/1 SQ- NLA
$2.21 money maker
—Stonyfeild organic yogurt 6oz 10/$6
bought 9 used
(3) $2/3 MQ
$0.60 money maker
—Sundown vitamin A $3.29 ea
bought 2 used
$5/2 SQ- Publix green advantage flier
(2) $1/1 MQ- RP 4/15
$0.42 moneymaker
after tax I made $3.12 YEAH BABY!!!
I then took my earnings to CVS and as usual I scanned my card at the coupon machine It gave me a coupon for $1 off any toothpaste. This was awesome because thats one of the items i was grabbing! I also had a coupon that printed out about a week ago for $1/2 for UP2U gum. I went in with $12.49 in ECB’s. Heres how that went :)

— Mentos UP2U 14 ct $0.99 ea
bought 2 used
$1/2 MQ SS3/25
$1/2 SQ coupon machine
—Maybelline fitme foundation $7.99 (spend $15 get $5 ECB’s)
bought 2 used
(2) $3/1 MQ RP 3/25
—Colgate MaxFresh toothpaste 6oz $2.99 ea (get back $2.49 in ECB’s limit 2)
bought 2 used
(2) $1/1 MQ CVS spring reinventing beauty
(1) $1/1 SQ coupon machine
total berfore coupons and ECB’s $23.94
-$11 in coupons
-$12.49 ECB’s
=$0.45!!!!! got back $9.98 in ECB’s! plus i will be getting $5 in ECB’s from the CVS beauty club. so i made an extra $2 in ECB’s from the toothpaste and make up. My goal when i go to CVS, and Walgreens for that matter is to walk out with as many ECB’s or RR’s as I came in with and of a possible profit. So i used $12.48 in Ecb’s and i will be getting back a total of $14.98. MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!!

I of course used my earnings from publix which brought my total to $2.67. I then went on Walgreens armed with $3 in RR for:
————transaction 1
—Depends real fit underwear $4.49 ( get back $3.50 RR)
$2/1 MQ
— Lindsay olives 6oz $0.99
total before Q’s $5.48
-$2 MQ
=$0.48!!! got $3.50 in RR
———–transaction 2
—U by Kotex sleek 18 pk $3.99 (get back $3 RR)
$2/1 MQ peelie found at Walmart.
—Lindsay olives 6oz $0.99
—Haribo twin cherries 5oz $0.79
total before Q’s $5.77
-$3.50RR from transaction 1
-$2 MQ
=$0.27!!! got back $3 RR!
so my total from Publix is now $1.92
BAAABAM!! now to be fair the tax for both CVS and Walgreens was $1.82. Basically publix paid me $0.10 and I have $9.98 (soon to be $14.98) from CVS and $3 from Walgreens!! Coupons are awesome!! KCL is awesome and dare I say I am awesome! I sure do feel it!!!

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