At Walgreen’s bought 2 Herbal Essences. On sale for 2 for 5 and used a digital coupon for 3 dollars off 2 and received a 2 RR
Sure snd Brut deodorant both 1 dollar and used a 1 dollar off coupon making them free!!
Mini highlights were on clearance for. $0.29 cents but rang up $0.15 cents!!!
At Target Mead notebooks were the only 90% off item. They rang up $0.07 cents!!! I bought 25 of them for $1.75!!!
Bought one Sheba tender sticks priced at $1.59 used a dollar off coupon and Cartwheel only paid $0.19 cents!!
Paid $1.80 at Walgreen’s and saved $15.97 a 87% saving value!!
Target paid 2 dollars and saved $19.54!!!