16 gerber pouches 4/$5=$20 minus two $2.50/8 mc
1 arm & hammer 1.99-1mc=.99c
1 oxyclean 3.99-2mc=1.99
Total: 18.52w/taxes-10 in reward points= 8.52 oops & 3RR (for buying 15+ gerber products)

2 snuggle fab soft sheets 2.49 each – one .50c mc = 4.48
1 arm & hammer 1.99-1mc=.99c
1 glade auto kit 7.49 – 3mc -3 I Botta -1.5 RR = free!
1 poise liners 5.99-2 store coupon- 2mc=1.99
2 wringley gum 2/$1 – two. 50c mc = free!
Total: used 3RR = 10.79-10 in reward points= .79c oop!

I did these two transactions on different days & at different locations ( I’m not brave enough to do all this at once, ESPECIALLY since all the cashiers I have gotten at all Walgreens have not been so happy about me using coupons and it just makes me nervous bc I’m such a newbie I guess lol

So I count my RR and reward points as my actual money, sooooo…. in my eyes, I paid a total of $26.31 for all this! !! When I would have paid $49.81 without any coupons!! Woooww!!!!

Thank u KCL! I saved so much on items I was going to buy no matter what

#newbie #couponingaddict