Mathematically, everything that I am going to list here should work. All of the numbers have been carefully crunched, checked, double, triple, and so forth, but when a cashier decides to play games, it all goes haywire in seconds. I will show you how.

Transaction 1

(2) Maybelline NY Lip gloss @ 4.49 Buy 2, get 5ECBs .
(1) Covergirl 4 Kit eye shadow @ 6.29.
(1) Almay Eye Shadow @ 5.49.
(3) Crest Complete @3.99 Buy $10, get 5ECBs

Subtotal BEFORE COUPONS: 32.73

CVS Coupons:
-5.00 off of $25 Just for you.
-1.00 ECB.
– 2.00 Maybelline Cosmetic CVS App (x)
-2 off (2) any brand toothpaste CVS App (x)
-3.00 off of $15 Cosmetics .
-20% off 1 item* (they subtracted.85)
Manufacture Coupons:
-1.00 off Maybelline NY Any lip product MFC (
-1.00 off Maybelline NY Any lip product MRC (

-3.00/1 Covergirl Eye, Lip or Face MFC (4/10)* Cashier didn't like this coupon. Well, it’s not an accessory, it’s not a 1-kit, and it’s not a clearance item. But it beeps, and if it beeps, that means you can’t use it. If it beeps, it means that WE WILL loose money. If it beeps, it means it is a bad coupon. Yes, it’s a bad coupon, even if you cut it out of the newspaper. I don’t know what to say to you… a few minutes later, it works.

-4.00/1 Any Almay product MFC (4/10).
-1.00 off Crest Complete Toothpaste (
-1.00 off Crest Complete Toothpaste (
-.75 off Crest Complete Toothpaste (

(Minus $24.75 *20% item not used)

My total should be under $7.98, because I don’t know what -20% off one item would be. I just know it should be less.

Tax: +2.62

Final Price SHOULD BE UNDER $10.60 Receive $10ECB

But instead, I am charged $13.19. ( I am missing 2 of the CVS coupons. I was told that they were selected. “If the computer voided them, that’s not my fault.” I wasn’t going to argue. She was becoming very testy. I was trying to be calm, patient, and polite. Theoretically, I “saved $21.60 /66%”, when I really should have saved $25.60).

Onward to Transaction 2.

The first time she did it, the final price was too high. She agreed to void the transaction and start over.

Transaction 2:

(2) Secret Clinical Deodorant Buy 1 Get 1 50% off
@ 9.49 + 4.75 = 14.24

(2) Nivea Body Lotion @ 6.00 each = 12.00


CVS Coupons:
-10 ECBs from Transaction 1
-3.50 off of 2 Secret Clinical Deodorant CVS App
-3.00 off of $10 Body Lotion CVS app
Manufacture coupons:
– 2.00/1 MFC Secret Clinical Deodorant (
– 2.00/1 MFC Secret Clinical Deodorant (
– 3.00/2 Nivea Body Lotion
(-23.50 in coupons)
I should have paid OOP: $2.74
Tax: +2.09
This was supposed to be my total: $4.83 But if you have guessed, it sure wasn’t.

The Augh! Moment:

The second time she did the transaction, she refused to let me use my 10ECBs, because she “voided them already”. How can this be? The CVS App coupons worked. My other coupons worked. Why on Earth would by 10 ECBs not work? She refused to let me use them. I wanted to walk out right then and there. I was trying to be polite, and she told me over and over again, that my math was “wrong”. That I couldn't have my ECBs back.

I ended up paying the $10ECB portion out of pocket. Not a happy camper.
Supposedly “saved” $23.23. Should have been $10 more.

I’ve reported it to upper management, but this leaves me with a bad taste in my mouth. I like extreme couponing, but I don’t like it when the cashier confiscates ECBS for no reason, rejects valid coupons, or when the computer doesn’t work properly. I am on a budget, and I purposefully TRY not to use my debit card. I only use cash. I am now hesitant to shop at CVS. Just what is going to work and what isn’t? And, will more ECBs be confiscated like that?



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5 thoughts on “Major Augh! Moment at CVS”

I tried to pay once with a store gift card. But the when swiped it wasnt working. The manager muffled stupid when she found out it was only $0.48 and got mad because they went through switching cash register because the cvs gift catd wasnt working. She got mad because i wouldnt just pay the $0.48 with the money i had on hand. I complained to customer service, hopefully corporate but all they said was sorry for the inconvenience. But no one is willing to solve the issue that they gave me a freaken gift card that doesnt work. It has money on it. The only thing the manager said was sonetimes it work if we cover it with a plastic bag and swipe. I dont understand, i want to use my money that CVS put on the gift card.


They don’t know their own policy either and even after pulling it up on my phone they refused my coupons….cvs coupon policy clearly states that you can use a BOGO coupon on a BOGO sale and you get both items free, but they refused to even scan my coupon. I have to drive 20 more minutes bc I hate going to the cvs in my town, the cashiers just give me the nastiest looks, and I’ve never been rude to them at all, and it seems like they hate me just bc I have coupons, or that I hold up their line sometimes, and just recently, they told me if I had multiple transactions, that I’d have to do one, then go to the back of the line evertime I start a new transaction, which is fine, but that day, I only had 2 transactions and my husband was waiting in the hot car and it was only one item and I had to get behind 5 other ppl


I’m sorry you had a bad experience. You should call the ECB customer service to replace your $10 ECB. I have called them in the past and they are very friendly and replaced (in my instance) expired and lost ECB’s without hesitation. Good luck!


I know how you feel. Sometimes cashiers can be rude and want to get it their way. I usually try to stay calm but when I get tired of it I do tell them off. (no bad words but I do defend myself and call their manager). I remember having a similar situation with the EB and a coupon. It was my fault though. I got 2 deodorants. I was supposed to get 2 X deodorant but I got one X and one Y. The Y deodorant was misplace and I didn’t know until I didn’t get my EB. The cashier and manager erre really nice and gave me a CVS card with the amount of the coupon and the EB I previously used. I then got the right deodorants and used that CVS card that they gave me. I did get my EB. Shen things go wrong I do call the managet and tell them. “What are we going to do? Or do we call corporate?” (only when they are giving me a really had time) sometimes I just walk out the store the way I entered. Sorry it happened to you. $10oop tp em its alot:/


Sorry my phone is acting up. Lol