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Major hair care haul


CVS is having a huge clearance sale on hair care this week and the Magic Coupon machine is cranking out beautiful coupons every day to make several items free. I have a large family and close family members in the area that will love the little gift bags that I plan to put together with my haul this week. I have been twice in the last two days and this is what I have to show for it:

Day One
Pantene 12.6 oz shampoo clearance price 2.49
Pantene 25.4 oz shampoo clearance price 3.49
Halls cough drops clearance price 1.49
CVS diapers clearance price 4.44
Garnier 3 min treatment clearance price 3.24
coupons used 13.00
total out of pocket $2.83
total savings 27.20

Day Two
Pantene 12.6 shampoo clearance 2.49
Pantene mouse clearance 2.64
Herbal Essence shampoo clearance 1.99
Fructise treatment clearance 2.49
coupons used 8.00
total out of pocket .83
total savings 18.65

Total amount for both days before savings $49.51
only paid 3.66

That is a 93% savings. WOOHOOO!!!!

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