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Makeup on the cheap, thanks to KCL.


There was a blog post on KCL a week or two ago about E.L.F. having a deal where you could get a free subscription to All You if you bought $25 worth of product, or you could opt out of that and get a $20 rebate. I chose the $20 rebate, so when that comes, I’ll have paid $5.50 for all of this. :) I think this deal might still be available, if others wanted to try it.

(1) Eyeshadow Palette, 100pc: $10
*on sale for $7.50

(3) Lipstick: $3 ($1 each)

(1) Lipgloss: $1

(1) Waterproof Eyeliner Pen: $1

(1) All Over Cover Stick: $1

(2) Eyeliner Brush: $2 ($1 each)

(1) Face Brush $1

(2) Nail Buffers: $2 ($1 each)

(4) Cuticle Oil Pens: $4 ($1 each. I LOVE these things.)

(1) Nail Polish: $2

(1) Eyelid Primer: $1

*used a code available at the time for free shipping when you spend $20+

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