I went to Wal-Mart which price matches. Used Office Depot ad that had sale on 24ct. Bic Mechanical pencils for $1.00. I had 2 coupons for $1.00 off this and 2 for $1.00 off any Bic stationary item.
Then each pkg. came with 3 FREE pencils. So, I got 108 pencils for 28 CENTS TOTAL (tax) . Not bad for the first time with this app.
I told my husband he is lucky I can be made happy for so cheap. lol


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3 thoughts on “Mechanical Pencils at Walmart”

24 CT at Office depot is not same as 24+3 at Walmart. No wonder cashiers get coachings/fired for trying please customers who don’t follow policy.


I also stocked up on this same deal! Kudos


My daughter just came home from school and said all the teachers are using this app. Thank God for teachers. As someone whos disabled and on a fixed income, this has honestly made my life just become a little less stressful. Thank to everyone for this app and I could sure use those mechanical pencils too.😀